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It's been awhile...

Me and Renee dated for a bit, then we broke up, but now we are back together... It's fun stuff. 8> I'm such a total dork about it, but that's okay. I'm also not fooling around. When I date someone, I MEAN BUSINESS. D< I kind of take things way to fast, but I think I just have a fast-paced heart. I'll try and slow it down for her. At least I'm not asking her for babies... YET. >3
Naw, I don't want kids till I'm AT LEAST 25. AT LEAST.
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Today was an uber good day! I met new people that were nice; I didn't have any melt downs; and I was happy al freakin' day long! OMG! Super freakin' awesome, yo!

In other news:
I'm hanging out with my friend Sarah this Friday to do some major SciFi watching. We are going to watch all things SciFi. Hopefully that includes Obi Wan in the new Star Wars trilogy, 'cause Ewan McGregor is way hot! XD It'll, of course, include your daily dose of Doctor Who, and possibly some tribble action. I want to watch Star Trek badlyyyyy~ We don't have any episodes at home; only the movies. Which are good, but, I want to see some episodes right now. Short and sweet and, hopefully, comedic. ^.^

I may end up having an anime session with this guy I just met! If we do, we will so watch FMA! XD Probably, we'll watch some Naruto and a bit of Death Note~ but only the funny episodes. I like those better than the "serious" ones. XP

Also, my Doctor Who costume is almost done! It's the tenth doctor's blue suit, 'cause I dig the blue more than the brown. XD I'm even working on doing my hair like his! It's going to take some major work though. ^.^;

At any rate, that is all I have to say for now. More on my silly little life later. XDXD
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Back from the Dead Once More...

Yup. I am once again alive. And more troubled than ever. Okay, that's an exageration, but I am troubled. I can't say why because the reason has an LJ and has friends with LJs who are my friends, etc. But yes, troublesome. Most likely, my troubles will be resolved with me getting a very broken heart, as per usual with these sorts of things. Alas, the show must go on!
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I R Not Dead...

I gots a new cat. Named dot. She's cute. I'm always busy lately, it seems. Life is hard. I stress out a lot. I try, but trying isn't ever enough. Gotta work harder, but I'm already working so hard. Changing more and more to be a boy. I feel better, but people react strangely. People are stupid. Perhaps people are stupid because of too little change. Perhaps because of too much. Perhaps.
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A Post to Scare You All!

I have decided-- quite officially-- that I wish to be of the opposite sex. Which would be male. I have short hair now. I think I mentioned that already. Uhm... I have things that will make me more manly! Or at least I hope they will. I'm not sure yet. I'll just have to wait and see.

OH! And some good news! On my history final, I got an A! YAY! And on my Spanish final, I got something good! I don't know what, but I saw my Spanish teacher at the pound today, and she told me that I got a good grade on that blasted 200 question final. ^.^
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Or not. I haven't died (completely). Just busy with having a life. OMG! 0.0 A life! Amazing!

Now all I need is a brain with a working battery. Mine's died. And finals are tomorrow! WAH!

And that's it. Yup. That's all you get.

Oh, wait. I cut my hair. It's really short now. Like boy short. No; not boy shorts-- boy short. Yesh.

BTW, I'm a time traveler. Seriously. *shifty eyes* That's what I am in my head, anyways. I use a pocket watch to time travel. Random, huh?

I leave now.
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Haven't posted in forever...

But right now I am SOOOOOO happy!
I like this girl named Sydney, and today I brought her a rose from my garden and asked her out, and she said she wanted to get to know me better first, and that we should go on a date! And I'm just like OMG! How cool is that! XDXD
And yeah. Oh, the rose smelt reeeeeally good, too. That's why I picked it, actually.
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The Library!

Yes! I am at the college's library, and I am updating this stupid livejournal! >.<

Anyways, in terms of fanfiction, I've been working on two new stories, and have been working some on Hardships of a Clergyman, too. I think I'll post them over on snape_potter soon.

Besides that, I'm almost done with Bio1! Yay!

Oh, and my house is getting remodeled. The floors are getting done, so the carpet is leaving and we will have wood floors! Yay! No more vacuuming!

And that is it.